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About Dr. Kamy

Dr Kamy’s Mission: To help you find your purpose and live your life to its fullest.

From a young age, Dr. Kamy was exposed to various cultures and the challenges all people face at different phases of life. After achieving phenomenal success in his career as a medical doctor and in his personal life, Dr. Kamy realized he had an exceptional ability to beat the odds and connect to others. After years in the medical field, he felt called to make an impact in other ways, leading him to begin a journey in life coaching that he calls "ongoing living and being" coaching. His goal is to help others realize their full potential in life through his carefully constructed process that generates results.

Before life coaching, Dr. Kamy completed medical school in Spain and went on to complete his Internal Medicine Residency in Boston followed by Nephrology training at Brown University. Driven to further healthcare, he completed the Executive MBA program at the Carlson School of Management. With Lifetime CEO Bahram Akradi, he co-founded the LT Proactive Care Clinic in 2013.

He co-founded " Geevida Health" which is revolutionary concierge Tele-Health Platform. He is technology patent holder. His true passion though is to help others to live their life in wealth, Health and connected to their higher-self.

Dr. Kamy’s "living life coaching" come from his own life’s experience and the practical wisdom he’s gained, as well as from his years of research and learning in rigorous academic institutes. He believes results are best achieved when cutting-edge, science backed methods are combined with the inner human spirit of any individual who wants to change their life from average to limitless.

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Empower you to achieve your potential in life
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