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Accomplish your goals, face your fears, make your dreams a reality and improve on every level with Dr. Kamy’s Personalized  Coaching

To achieve at the highest level, you need to know what is your purpose, where you are going and how to get there.  Dr. Kamy’s Coaching will help you not only explore the meaning of your life, but get you the results you’re looking for.

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Is Life Coaching For Me?

We all need to have someone, preferably an expert, who is able to non-judgmentally guide us to find our path, help us make right choices, get us where we want to go, and to be our accountability partner. We all feel lost at times and need to rely on someone to help us bring out the best of ourselves physically, emotionally, and spiritually through finding our real purpose in life while analyzing our thoughts, words, and actions to see what’s working, what’s not, and adjust accordingly until we get the life we desire and deserve.

Dr. Kamy’s coaching will give you an objective, rational, outside view of the challenges you are ready to overcome. Dr. Kamy will help you differentiate between the details cluttering your life and the things that really matter, giving you a clear path forward where your priorities match your daily habits. He will help you step by step explore your logic and intuition and team up with you to understand your five emotions of Love, Fear, Anger, Grief and Envy and their importance in your daily life.

Life coaching will also provide practical guidance for making your dreams a reality. Dr Kamy's medical background combined with his extensive experience in human psychology and his unique approach in understanding our emotions and their roots within our body, soul and spirit will assure we understand the hidden motives behind our actions and guide us to live our life to the fullest as we have been created for. 

Life is about love, joy and happiness and Dr. Kamy's life coaching will allow you to accomplish just that while enjoying every step of it. Your life will be richer, full of love and successful based on your own definition of success.

What To Expect

1. Find your purpose and reason for Being!

It’s important to know why we are here in this universe, what is our purpose, how our mind-body-soul are connected, and how it is related to universal consciousness. We will explore where you stand now and what the limiting factors are preventing you from living life with love, joy, and happiness. At this stage you will discuss limiting perceptions holding you back and parts of your life you’d like to improve. You will also recognize the skills you already and naturally have that will help you in the upcoming growth process.

2. Create A Plan

At this point, Dr. Kamy will help you put together a realistic path to success, complete with set milestones and a final destination. This ensures that your goals and purpose in life will be measurable and provides you a roadmap of how to implement each step into your daily life.

3. Put in the Work, Reflect, and Make the "Impossible" happen

The final stage is where you take everything you have learned and apply it on a daily basis. As you work towards knowing yourself and analyzing your "wants" and "not wants" you will undoubtedly have up and downs moments, and this is where meeting with Dr. Kamy will help you stay on track and consistently guide you and show you the path. Finally, when you get through the entire process and make living life with purpose a habit, you will reflect on everything you’ve learned and experienced and become unbreakable and connect to your higher self.

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